I’m Not Like Them But I Can Pretend



Sorry It’s been a busy week with making things for events/my store and just RL. So I apologize for being a bit late to blogging these things! But Luxe box June came out! And honestly I love every thing in the box this round. Especially these Reign shoes which come in a fat pack, but also come with huds that match blueberry’s colors and foxes! Make sure to check it out for next months box! ❤

I'm Not Like Them But I Can Pretend



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I’ve Got A Burning Desire For You, Baby.



This was suppose to be posted on New Years but it’s been a lazy few days, sorry guys lol But Happy New Year, hope you all had a good one! Also did another collab with the person, I’ve been doing collabs with! She doesn’t have a blog so I’ll just be posting her credits.  ❤

I've Got A Burning Desire For You, Baby.



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Basically I’m In Love With Love

❀CURRENTLY LISTENING TO:Twenty One Pilots- Can’t Help Falling In Love 


It’s been tooo long since I last blogged! Sorry for that, RL got kinda hectic with school and my motivation to blog was just blah. BUT I’m back and with a Collab post, with Max and Jade inspired by Scream Queens! Thanks to Max for taking the amazing picture as well ❤

Basically I’m In Love With Love



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Bandaids Don’t Fix Bullet Holes

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Death Cab For Cutie- Someday You Will Be Loved 


Something a little different! I’m usually always a brunette, so I’ve been playing around with trying to blog other colors for the truth hairs I get to blog! This new truth hair is gorgeous, the back has a really pretty braid, sorry I don’t have a picture of that included! Also more cute things from Kawaii Project! ❤


❀Look 1 On The Left❀


SKIN: Lara Hurley -Heidi natural/Pale

MESH BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0

EYES: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes – Jade {Large}

LASHES: *MC*”Falsies” Eyelash

HAIR: TRUTH– Verinne


DRESS: .Atomic. {Vintage Kitten} Set 1



CLAWS: Kibitz – Acantha claws {L} – petal COMMON

CAMERA: *Tentacio* Retro camara hand pink

CAT EARS: *MUKA* Headband Rosa

NECKLACE:.Atomic. {Gacha} Sweet Deer – Romantic Necklace (Old Arcade Gatch)

TATTOO: antielle. Moonlight Justice Tattoo (Maitreya)

GIRAFFE: +Half-Deer+ Tiny Teacup Giraffe – Angel

❀Look 2 On The Right❀


SKIN: Lara Hurley -Heidi natural/Pale

MESH BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0

EYES: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes – Pitch {Large}

LASHES: *MC*”Falsies” Eyelash

HAIR: Doe: Burger Time (large) – Browns @ Kawaii Project


SHIRT: .Atomic. {Electric Cutie Top} Set 3 Uber

SHORTS: Foxes – Dolly Shorts – Maitreya – xxSmall – White Collabor

SHOES: .tsg. Jelly Platform Sandals – Pink


PHONE: [Dreamsicle] Yummy Smartphone – Pink Lemonade @ Kawaii Project

TATTOO: Reckless. – Cole II

NECKLACE: Violent Seduction – Cutlery Necklace (Fork) @ Kawaii Project

BAG: ALTAIR* candy backpack .blackberry. @ Kawaii Project

DOG: Sweet Thing. & darkendStare . Guilty Cinnamon Hellpup @ Kawaii Project

WATCH: <:*BoOgErS*:> RAWRtch Light Blue @ Kawaii Project

BOW:.Atomic. {Burger Time} – Head Bow @ Kawaii Project

Come On Take A Walk On The Wild Side

[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Kansas- Carry On My Wayward Son]


Too many events, and too many things to blog always! I have such a huge folder of events and things I wanna blog trying my best to get them all in this month! ❤



SKINEssencesWednesday II *peche* brunette

MESH BODY: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Bod

EYES:.tsg.Galaxy– Dark Brown

LASHES: *MC*”Falsies” Eyelash

TEETH: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing

BROWS: [Buzz] Amelia Eyebrow – Medium Brown

HAIR: MOON // Hair // Keeke @ The Kawaii Project


TOP: Foxes – Boyfriend Shirt – xxs – Checker – Red N21

PANTS: Blueberry Xale Mesh – Jeans – NORMAL



TATTOO: .Reckless. – Sticks and Stones – TMP Appliers

FOX: Birdy – Bashful Fox – Red @ The Kawaii Project

Loving you was like loving the dead.



I started school on Monday so I’ll be busy with everything! I will still try my best to post as much as possible here and my little blog! There are tons of events of course, like every month and I have tons to blog! ❤



SKINEssences –{Quinn} Medium01 *brunette*

LASHES: *MC*”Falsies” Eyelash

EYES:.tsg.GalaxyDark Brown

TEETH: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing

BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V1.0

HAIR: Magika Lemon


JACKET&TOP: -Pixicat- Oversized.Jacket – BlackWhite @ The Season Story Winter

PANTS: Blueberry Xale Mesh – Jeans – NORMAL

BOOTS: REIGN.– Boots With the Fur


BAG 1: [geek.] Geek-Survival Pak -Classic-

BAG 2: FoxesBookbag -The Fox – Black

PHONE:. tsg. Keitai Smart Phone Beary san Black

GLASSES: .random.Matter. – Simon Glasses – Onyx


EYES: [Buzz] Essentials – Royale Liner

I Just Wanna Break You Down So Badly.

[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Taking Back Sunday-You’re So Last Sunday]


Say hello to my new sponsor SwaggedOut! They are an amazing tattoo shop, which I have blogged before but I have now become an official blogger for them! So super excited to be blogging all their awesome tattoos for you guys! One of which you can see here below! These tattoos come with tons of appliers also which is great! Also cute arcade things! Because I bought literally every single thing half deer made! Oh and more green screen action! Hopefully these don’t look bad! ❤



SKINEssencesWednesday II *peche* brunette

LASHES: *MC*”Falsies” Eyelash

EYES: [Buzz] Ardent Eyes – Chlorine

BROWS: Soiree Kat Brows

LIPS: [okkbye] Parted Lippy v2 Shading White Base

TEETH: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing

EARS: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Heart Plugs

HAIR: +Spellbound+ Bubsy


DRESS: (epia) – Leah Dress A @ The Chapter four

SHOES:*REIGN.– Chunky Plats- Black


TATTOO: SwaggedOut – Divine Right FADED

GLASSES: .random.Matter. – Simon Glasses – Onyx @ Geeks’n’Nerds

NECKLACE 1: XYZ // Tattoo Choker

NECKLACE 2: Foxes- Woodland Wonderland – Pocket Watch Necklace – Gold @ The Arcade 

DEER: +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Winged Deer (Fawnfeather) RARE @ The Arcade 

ANTLERS: +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Stardust Antlers (tex. change) @ The Arcade 

CLOUD: +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Cloud of Eternal Sparkle @ The Arcade 

PENGUIN: +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Plumpy Penguin @ The Arcade