Hello lovely people!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I’ve been blogging since April 2014 and I love it! I blog for my adult avatar which is this blog, and for my toddler! Link for my little blog is on the side bar.

Feel free to ask me questions on FB, Flickr or SL. I am very friendly and will always answer. If I do not respond send a notecard:3

To Address all question about my shape such as, “Where is your shape from” “Can I buy your shapes”, ” Do you make custom shapes”. My personal shapes are not for sale for my big and little and never will be. Sorry:c I do however sell shapes now for my store {.Honey.} If you have any skins you would like me to attempt to make shapes for pass me a notecard! Link to store HERE! 

If you wish to contact me you can do so either through my Flickr and FB or in world! Second Life: Maggie0294 Please send a notecard and not an IM, Thank you! ❤


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