Will You Still Love Me When I’m No Longer Beautiful?

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Sorry my credits are so late! I was a little bust installing windows onto my mac! But here we go another lovely collab with my daughter Sojin! For her Credits click HERE

Will You Still Love Me When I'm No Longer Beautiful?



❀Look 1 On The Right ❀


SKIN: Lara Hurley – Dan eyebrows brown /Dark

MESH BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

EYES: [Buzz] Serenity Eyes – Hazel {Large}

EYE BROWS: SoireeSloane Brows #Medium Brown

LASHES: *MC*”Falsies” Eyelash

HAIR: .Olive. the Tiny Hair (Exclusive)  @ The Epiphany 


DRESS: =Zenith=Lolita Winter Coat (Rose) Fitted/ Maitreya – RARE @ The Epiphany 

HAT: =Zenith=Lolita Rose Hat (Rose) @ The Epiphany



BAG: =Zenith=Lolita Magic Book Bag (Nude) -Rigged  @ The Epiphany 

HEAD FLOWER: { V I N C U E } Rossie+Set – Forehead1 – Candy @ The Kawaii Project 

POSE: Glamrus . Hadlee 03



CURTAINS: +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – (Pink)

CHAIR: +Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses – Chair (White) @ The Kawaii Project 

VANITY: +Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses – Desk/Vanity Table (White) @ The Kawaii Project 

MIRROR: +Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses – Oval Wall Mirror (White) @ The Kawaii Project 

END TABLE: +Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses – End Table (White) @ The Kawaii Project 

LAMP: dust bunny . beaded lamp

COMPUTER: Amala – The Desktop – RARE @ The Epiphany 

COFFEE: Amala – Fresh Coffee @ The Epiphany 

CAMERA: Amala – Vintage Camera @ The Epiphany 

BOOKS: Amala – Diaries Pile @ The Epiphany 

JEWELRY BOX: dust bunny . jewelry box

DOG: +Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu – Sleepy (rez)

CAT BASKET: Birdy. Shabby Cats – Basket-o-Kitties – Light @ The Epiphany 

CAT SUIT CASE: Birdy. Shabby Cats – Luggage –  Light @ The Epiphany 

BALLOONS: +Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons – Garden Party – Single A @ Collab88

MACAROONS: +Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet  @ The Epiphany 

PACKAGES: Amala – Mail Basket @ The Epiphany 



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