Let It Burn

[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Sam Smith- Stay With Me ]


It is finals week in school and will last till about December 11th so I may be slowish with posts till after then but once thats done I’m off school till January! I get the pictures done but the credits sometimes take me longer so bare with me! ❤ I already have 3 looks done for this weekend and will be posting them, I’ll make sure of it! Don’t forget Victim Of Ink is now open and they have some pretty amazing stuff I will be featuring in my blog all week!



SKINEssencesWednesday II *peche* brunette

LASHES: *MC*”Falsies” Eyelash

EYES: -SU!- Bastet Eyes RUBI ( Group gift!)

BROWS: Soiree – Kat Brows

HAIR: little bones. Oracle @ Collabor (As much as I love Little Bones and all her hairs and this hair, I advise trying the demo because it didn’t fit my big head very well not even the large so I had to edit it a bit in Photoshop which I hate doing D: )


TOP AND BOTTOM: Alchemy- The Magi – Necro @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

FEET RIBBON: Heartistic Bound Wine Ribbon


TATTOO: La Malvada Mujer – Oni Tattoo /fresh Victims of Ink

COLLAR: Alchemy- The Magi – Necro Accessories@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

SHOULDER CAPE: Alchemy- The Magi – Necro Accessories @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 


EYES: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics – Black Liners – Raccoon


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